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Scroggins Family Law, lawyers offer efficient, effective representation for parents whose roles in their children's upbringings are disputed after a divorce.

we also advocate for unmarried birth mothers and biological fathers whose paternity goals can benefit themselves and their children.

Mark L. Scroggins has decades of experience, unique insights into Texas family law and extensive legal knowledge that can resolve disputes, in and out of court.

Are you paying too much child support? Are you receiving too little? Are disagreements over child access delaying your divorce? Scroggins Family Law, is in your corner.

Aggressively Advocating For Mothers' And Fathers' Child Custody Rights

Our law firm can also represent your interests when a parental relocation has an impact on regular access to a child or children, and the ability to financially support children of divorce. we can request or contest a post-judgment modification in the event of a sudden, substantial change of circumstance and lifestyle.

Whatever your objective, Scroggins Family Law, is here for you — attorneys protecting the family. Contact us in Dallas today to arrange an initial consultation. Call 214-469-3100 or reach us by email.