When Parental Relocation Complicates Child Custody Arrangements

The need for a parent to relocate outside Texas after a divorce could occur for a number of reasons: business or military transfer, job-seeking and the urgent need for specialized health care available only in another state.

If this situation describes yours, and you want to discuss a modification of your family's child custody and support arrangements — or if you want to contest a relocation out of fear that the relocation is not in your child's best interest — you should speak with our skilled, knowledgeable family law attorneys right away.

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Board-certified family law specialist Mark L. Scroggins has years of successful service to his credit, working hard for clients seeking to navigate the connection between child custody and moving elsewhere to a better life. Our attorneys listen closely to your wishes and goals, and advocate for your interests — and the best interest of your child — from start to finish.

Putting Decades Of experience On Your Side

Our attentive, aggressive relocation attorneys can petition the court for a revision of custody arrangements as provided for in your divorce settlement agreement. We can negotiate a new, constructive routine for maintaining a parent's prominent role in a child's upbringing. If discussions are not productive, we are fully prepared to go to trial on your behalf.

Whatever the makeup of your family, whether you are a high-asset business owner or professional, or an unmarried parent with relocation needs, Scroggins Family Law, can be of service, promptly and efficiently. We stand behind you every step of the way.

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