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Unmarried birth mothers who need child support, and biological fathers seeking greater closeness with their children through visitation rights, have specific legal needs that only an experienced family law attorney can handle.

At Scroggins Family Law, in Dallas, Mark L. Scroggins is dedicated family lawyer who aggressively advocate for the mothers' rights and fathers' rights of unmarried co-parents — and believe deeply in "the best interest of the child."

Family Law Attorneys With A Reputation For Success

Our founders' decades of experience, vast legal knowledge, proven skills, reputation for negotiated and litigated outcomes, and tradition of attentive personal service have produced positive results for individuals, couples, children and families throughout North Texas.

We can help unwed fathers with legal methods of establishing paternity, paternity DNA testing and courses of action that bring you closer to your child's upbringing. We defend the interests of birth mothers who need financial support to raise a child or children, and those who no longer desire contact with the father of a child.

Our law firm is also here to serve married and unmarried clients in same-sex relationships that impact the futures of children.

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