Experienced Divorce Representation For Business Owners And Professionals

Business owners and licensed professionals, such as doctors and lawyers, or entrepreneurs in the oil and gas or technology industries, have unique legal needs — and present special challenges — when filing for divorce, or being divorced.

At Scroggins Family Law, in Dallas, our skilled divorce and family lawyers know exactly what to do when tasked with protecting the rights of a client embroiled in a contentious high-asset divorce. Mark L. Scroggins bring decades of experience to the job of protecting rights and preserving futures in and out of court.

Are you concerned about your legal ability to retain a primary or secondary residence, access to a motor vehicle, and a proper division of deferred or retirement income?

We are the authorities on how to navigate the fine art of divorce while owning a business. Our emphasis on business valuation and professional practice valuation can work in your favor and pave the way for a brighter future for you and your children.

Our Attorneys Protect Your Family And Your Livelihood

Look to us for aggressive advocacy for your goals when it comes to valuation of closely held family businesses, research into marital assets, and protection of property investments such as primary, secondary, vacation and retirement residences; motor vehicles and private aircraft; stocks, stock options, bonds and deferred income; retirement income, memberships, royalties, intellectual property, copyrights and trademarks, family heir looms and collectibles.

Are you intent on exclusively continuing ownership of a business or professional practice, during and after your divorce? Our law partners, business owners in their own right, completely understand your objectives and work hard to uphold them.

We invite North Texas business owners and professionals to contact us for an initial consultation with Scroggins Family Law. Call 214-469-3100 or stay online to reach us by email.