Protecting Your Rights — And Your Investment In Your Marriage

If your high-asset Texas marriage has come to an end, and you feel that your voice is being lost during discussions about division of marital property and assets, the skilled Dallas family law firm of Scroggins Family Law, can help.

Attorney Mark L. Scroggins is high net worth divorce attorneys who fully understand your concerns — and uses his decades of experience to protect your rights, your investment in your marriage, and the smooth transition you need for a new life.

Scroggins Family Law, conducts in-depth investigation, provides persuasive negotiation, outside-of-the-box thinking and offers aggressive litigation, when needed, to safeguard your interests. We effectively represent business owners, professionals and spouses during a high net worth divorce, and place equal emphasis on the best interests of the children of these relationships.

High-Asset Divorce Representation From Board-Certified Family Law Specialists

Our dedicated divorce lawyers place special concentration on practice areas that include:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support and alimony
  • Complex division of significant assets and property such as real estate, deferred and retirement income, stocks and stock options, bonds, bank accounts and many others
  • Business valuation of closely held family businesses
  • Same-sex family law representation for high-asset couples

If you suspect that a spouse's assets are being hidden, or concealed in someone else's name, we have access to the expertise of forensic accountants whose research can produce accurate findings and positive results.

Here To Help You

Are you fearful that the legal process for dividing assets during the high net worth divorce will leave your goals behind? Contact us immediately to arrange an initial consultation. Reach Scroggins Family Law, today by phone at 214-469-3100 or stay online to connect with us by email.