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As a now former client of Mark’s, and the benefit of time to look back on “my divorce,” I was truly fortunate to have him by my side throughout what proved to be the most difficult experience of my life. No one wants divorce, and I certainly wouldn’t wish it upon anyone, but if it comes your way you need to have someone you know will fight for you, help navigate the process and court system, and provide you with the expertise, professionalism and level of aggressiveness needed to bring you out to the other side. Mark did all of that and more for me as my counsel, handling all the details in a timely, professional fashion while clearly explaining the process, choices, pros and cons that come with the journey. My case had significant financial and custody issues and Mark’s steady voice and candid, honest approach never left me feeling uncertain about where I was, or where I was going in achieving my objectives. Mark is an experienced and successful family attorney whom I trusted to guide me with the decisions that would affect the rest of my life. I would absolutely recommend to anyone who is about to go through divorce a small investment of your time in a consultation with Mark Scroggins.


Sometimes, legal proceedings can cause anxiety for those of us not used to these kinds of thing. There are times when I may have preconceived notions of how things should be (lawyer shows and well-meaning friends whispering in our ears). When these anxieties crept in because of the aforementioned reasons Mark was quick to “talk me off of the ledge”. His air of confidence concerning his expertise enabled me to take a breath and go about my daily routine with a sense of assurance. In the end everything went exactly as he said it would. Even the opposing party agreed with Mark’s solution! Hopefully, I will not need his services again, but if I do I will not hesitate to call.


A very stressful situation for more reasons than I care to divulge was made much simpler by a knowledgeable and efficient law firm. I was given all the tools necessary from the start and all the info was top notch and accurate. Mark never failed to return a call or reply to any email in an extremely timely manner. His knowledge of family law seems to require no thought, but rather naturally flows from obvious experience. Even with some not so ordinary circumstances Mark knew exactly how to proceed and did a fantastic job with my case. I’m impressed with Mark and the entire staff. His paralegals were very knowledgeable, and extremely efficient. I would highly recommend Mr. Scroggins and the entire firm to anyone needing efficient, knowledgeable legal service.


If there’s any chance your divorce could become contentious, you need strong, experienced counsel. In retaining Mark Scroggins, I had all that and more. He was direct, honest, strategic, always prepared, responsive and ever adaptive to whatever came our way during my divorce. He was always upfront with me and able to articulate the options and possible outcomes so I could make the best possible choices. As great a job as he did litigating my case and helping both me and my daughter, the thing I most valued was his candid, straightforward approach when giving me advice, something you absolutely need during an emotional time. His strong, steady way was a great source of confidence and support throughout the matter. When all was said and done, he helped me achieve the objectives I laid out to him at the beginning of our relationship.

Family Client

I retained Mark Scroggins to handle what could have been a very difficult and contentious divorce involving custody of minor children. As it turns out, it wasn’t, and I believe this is a direct credit to the way Mark managed the situation. He was extremely professional, but aggressive and intuitive when dealing with opposing counsel. His years of experience and his knowledge of the law and court system were invaluable. Mark was very accessible, but did not schedule unnecessary meetings or phone calls. He was timely throughout the process, and very thorough. He does what he says he will do. I found Mark to be a strong ally, dependable and reliable at all times. His staff is also remarkable. While I know he handles many cases at any given time, I always felt as though mine was the most important one he was working on.


I would absolutely recommend to anyone who is about to go through divorce a small investment of your time in a consultation with Mark Scroggins.